Dobrý Festival (Good Festival) is the biggest music and art festival in the eastern Slovakia. Our Festival takes place this year for the 7th time in Prešov, which is the 3rd largest city in Slovakia. Prešov has had a great cultural history since 14th Century.

Thanks to tradition, conditions, atmosphere and coincidence Prešov got multicultural spirit. It is home for hundreds of musicians, actors and painters. Here you can find the most musicians per square meter in Slovakia. Most of Slovak successful bands are from Prešov, the city called by slovak journalists as Slovak Seattle. IMT Smile (pop rock), Peha (guitar pop), Peter Lipa (jazzman), Peter Nagy (pop singer), Chiki Liki Tu-A (alternative), Heľenine Oči (rock folk alternative), Komajota (synthpop), Back2Love (real house music), Katarína Koščová (chanson), Katarína Knechtová (pop singer), Mloci (adventure folk), AMC Trio (jazz), Groovin´Heads (funk) , Raindown (gospel pop rock). Each of them is unique and is on the top in their genre. Their songs are well -known in Slovakia and people like to sing them.
Short history and headliners
Dobrý Festival means a lot for people and thousands of them enjoy it every year at the beginning of the summer season. From 2007 to 2009 the most popular bands not only from Prešov, but from the whole Slovakia were performed for crowd of thousands at Dobrý Festival. 6000 people of every generation visited Dobrý Festival in 2010. The headliner was guitarist Gary Moore and Ukrainian kozac rock band Haydamaky. One year later Skunk Anansie headlined Dobrý Festival with 8000 people in the crowd. In 2012 Dobrý Festival returned music on the amphitheatre, which was built by citizens of Prešov in 1952. More than 50 bands played their gigs for 10 000 people on three stages. Headliner was Drum´n´bass dj Goldie, cosmopolitan band N.O.H.A and Slovak band IMT smile.
Our philosophy is to create musically colorful festival. We show in Prešov at Dobrý Festival popular live bands from Slovakia and Czech Republic. Headliner is still a legend from abroad that inspired us and we admire. Next to music there are another arts, sport and fun for visitors. Dobrý festival linked to years of tradition of the folk Festival Dobrej Hudby (Festival of good music), which was established back in 90´s by our friends from bands Mloci and Žobráci. Dobrý Festival enlarged the concept of folk festival. Now bands of many kinds of music like alternative, rock, pop, drum&bass, real house music, punk, jazz, blues and metal play their gigs at the festival.